EĞLENCE II HPP / 27.2 MWe Egenda Ege Energy Production Co.

Partnership Structure

Egenda A.Ş.

Cem Bakioğlu

Vice President

Samim Sivri


Murat Demirer


Süleyman Kamil Şenocak


Ahmet Sırrı Yırcalı


Ahmet Metin Tarhan


Koray Kıymaz


Selçuk Borovalı


Hüseyin Metin Tuncay

Company Information

Legal Entity

Egenda Ege Power Production Co.



Investment Cost

72.472.380 TL/40.930.973 $


210.000.000 TL

Annual Production Capacity

78 GWh/Year

Installed Capacity

28 MWm / 27,2 MWe

Facility Type

Hydroelectric (River Type)

License Acquired


Location (Province/District)

Adana / Karaisalı

Commercial Operation

April 2013

Operational Model/Duration

Production / 49 Year

Unit Type/Manufacturer

Francis (Vertical)/Flovel

Number of Units

3 (5,23 + 2 x 10,98 MWe)

Net Head and Flow Rate

169 m – 17,4 m3/sec

Connection Type

Substation 154 kV – 19.8 km

Operating under the legal entity of Egenda, Eğlence-II HPP is located on Eğlence stream in Adana’s Karaisali District. This is a river type hydro-power plant installed as a cascade system together with Eğlence-I.

The plant was granted a 49-year production license on 27 December 2007. Investment commenced in 2010 together with the Eğlence-I HPP project and commercial operation started on 10 April 2013, following a Ministerial approval.

An application was made to EMRA on 2 October 2017 to increase licensed installed capacity from 27.35 MWm / 26 MWe to 28 MW/27.2 MWe. The capacity increase application was approved by EMRA on 25 January 2018 according to the Committee Verdict Nr. 7655/8.

Power produced at Eğlence-II HPP is sold in scope of the RESM scheme at a rate of 73 USD / MWh for a 10-year period valid from 2014.